Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Josh Farberow

I was just watching Single Fin Yellow when I should have been studying for a western civ test and realized what the hell happened to Josh Farberow? He's so good. Maybe he's just a little bit self conscious about his thinning hair. Regardless he's my favorite balding surfer. Well Slater is pretty close.


  1. Your utter stupidity/genius trifles me. You are either the king of sarcasm, or are the worst at identifying it. Either way, sarcasm is an outlet for the weak. Let me make this clear: The Gnarshire in no way, shape, or form enjoys anything that CJ Nelson does.. Except maybe drink beer... But he even does that like a gaping chlamydia-infested pussy. Go watch single fin yellow again and complain about Josh Farberow. He's too busy living the dream, fucking his hot wife, and taking dumps that kooks oodle at for days to give a shit that anyone thinks he's gone missing.

  2. I'm sorry my sarcasm can come off as ignorance, Sir Peppercock 'o Gnarshire. Josh Farberow is one of my favorite surfers of all time. Is it wrong to miss seeing one of my idols on occasion? Thank you for checking in on the alternative slide mongrels today. Come back anytime.

  3. As Mr Cock stated, he's around, livin the dream with his smokin hot chick. He's a guard (maybe head guard) at The Ranch. He doesn't seem so much of an attention whore as the rest of the Maliboobs. I've surfed with him a few times and he's just a good guy. ON a side note, how about Kassia's incredible boobies? Love em!

  4. Thank you Señor Hefe I'm glad to hear that he's still doing what he does. As for Kassia's boobies. I don't have enough space in this comment box to express my true love for them. They are amazing!



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