Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Turbulent Tuesday

Critical Sliders from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

I got a call yesterday from my mom who told me some bad news. My aunt, who has been fighting brain cancer for the past year, isn't doing well and is expected to pass in the next couple of days. Its has been a pretty emotional past couple of years for my family with my grandfather passing last year my grandmother finding out she has myeloma which is a blood cancer and shortly after my aunt finding out she had a tumor in her brain on her own daughters wedding day. She began treatment soon after finding out and shortly after that, had a stroke, but still she kept on going. These past couple of months we knew that she wasn't doing well, since then we've been playing the waiting game. My heart and prayers go out to my moms brother and my cousins and they're families.

As I was surfing yesterday evening a huge black cloud came over. The wind picked up and rain started pouring down. I decided since I couldn't hear any thunder or see any flashes of lightning, I'd try to wait it out. The rain lasted about 15 minutes and the clouds went straight out to sea. Waiting on a wave to come, on the horizon two huge rainbows formed right on top of each other, it was crazy. I feel like whenever something heavy happens in my life there is always a way a simple paddle out that can change my mood in an instant. I think that is why I love surfing so much, there is nothing else in the world that I have found that can move me in such a way.

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