Sunday, June 13, 2010

Art Isn't Real

very little to compare to than waking up to this out your back window

I'll take one of each please...

AB Surfshop always has the coolest logs in stock. I stopped by last weekend to check out just what they had. Tons of Bings by Zeph What I would do to be able to ride one of those boards. Well actually not a lot but I would really like to ride a Bing before I die. I just wish I had $1300 that I could throw around for a fresh 9'4" with Bing's name on it. They always have some nice Hobie's in stock too. like the Endless Summer model at the top of the picture above, along with a pretty good collection of classic Hobie's too look at around the shop.

oh yeah Daniel Thomson is pushing the limits of surfboard design. So check out what he is doing.

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