Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Ashamed-also, Rip Shread Tear Trailer!

I was really bored tonight so I started Google Earthing. I was looking at Malibu when I spotted this just down the coast. I know that the United States relies on imported products and ports to help keep us going; but I can only imagine what this bit of coast looked like before "the man" got hold of it. I'm sure it was green and sandy and wildlife flourished. I just feel like as one of the worlds most prominent countries we could find a way of producing the majority of our own goods instead of relying on ships to bring us things that we could just as easily make right here in our own country. If we did who knows we just might bring a few jobs to the thousands of people who don't have any right know that we complain about all the time for stealing and living on the streets. And help clean up OUR world with reducing carbon emissions.
Unfortunately I know that will never happen. At least not in my children or grand children's lifetime. So do what you can even though the corporations running your country say that they do but don't.

Rip Shred Tear Trailer from Madison Dyer on Vimeo.

On a lighter note it looks like Madison Dyer is putting a new movie soon. So keep your ear to your keyboard to find out when and where.

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