Thursday, October 14, 2010

We Beat Okimo

Wrote into Eastern Shortboard.... I mean Eastern Surf Mag a while ago after reading a recent issue. They seemed to have a little something to say about my comment on their renowned contest coverage. However I wrote to them nearly a month before the hugely successful duct tape invitational put on by Vans and Joel Tudor. I believe I posted this video in early September sometime. Its all good though, despite the only longboarding picture in the in the current issue is a banner ad by Ricky Carroll supporting Justin Quital, I think they are starting to accept that people do longboard on the East Coast and it can be marketable. Oh yeah and as for Tony Silvagni and Mikey DeTemple pushing longboarding on the right coast there is a reason that Tony spends his summers at home and the rest of the year in Hawaii and following the longboard tour around the world; and DeTemple has been spending most of his time shooting his films on the pacific coast.

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