Friday, September 2, 2011

Down and Out

Hurricane Irene sucked...a lot of us here were talking (complaining) about how slow the swell season has been thus far this year, including myself. Well all it took was cat 1 to shut us all up that is for sure. It felt as though the businesses here on Ocracoke took the hardest hit from the storm. Not the 95 mph winds and tropical rain but the island is basically shut down to everyone but residents and has been since landfall last Friday. Where most businesses here look forward to Labor day weekend to being the last "hoorah" of their season Irene pretty much took all hopes of going out the summer on a high note and left us all scratching our heads and down in the dumps. The last time the outer banks were effected in such a way was hurricane Isabel. Everyone is talking about how long it took for the workers to get highway 12 back up and running (the one road that connects the entire stretch of the islands), I just hope that they work a lot quicker than they did after that storm. I'm being optimistic though. Had a great surf this morning with Bob and Mikey and I feel as though Isabel was a good learning experience on what needs to get done and what kind of timeframe would be reasonable to look toward. Its a day by day situation however and not too much we all can do but listen to and read the bulletin's being posted daily.

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