Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jet Life

I dig that most of his footage isn't in super slow motion so you can actually see what, and how he does what he can do on a wave but I've been waiting for a while to be blown away by some Dane footage and I just haven't see it. I think Dane is an awesome surfer, lightyears beyond anyone I'm sure I will ever see surfing in my lifetime but I'm tired of his hype. I'm just wandering why quik and so many major publications are spending so much money on this lackadaisical "professional". Doesn't seem to be the best image for the future of surfing, not the best roll model for our youth I don't believe. There are so many out there who are actually trying to do new things with their surfing and not being recognized who seem to be a lot better surfers than D.R. and they arn't even on the tour? who could have though? just sayin...


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